Mushroom and White Bean Cassoulet

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    "Do you want to cook dinner?" Margy states, not really being a question.
    Fortunately, we have our SunBasket dinner in the fridge. This is a sack full of ingredients and a recipe. We get three a week delivered to our door by the UPS man. Almost makes up for the fact that we don't really have a kitchen at this point. Most of my kitchen (really could have used my microplane as the recipe called to zest a lemon) is in boxes at this point and we don't really have an oven so this was done in a combo-microwave convection thing.
    So we have mushroom and white bean cassoulet, a classic french country food though usually augmented with duck or such. This is vegetarian.
    Served with a red onion/parsley/lemon vinaigrette salad.
    So, what to go with it... something French. Margy and I were just discussing getting some 2015 Bordeaux (my grandson's birth year) and laying it down. But no, I decided that it needed a more Rhone-ish bent and grabbed a Rhone ranger from California (Halter Ranch CDP ... see the tasing notes section). Something that has some meatiness to it to go with the earthiness of the mushrooms.

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