Mionetto Prosecco

Discussion in 'Tasting Notes' started by flyingron, Oct 19, 2017.

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    OK, ran into Harris Teeter to grab something and they had carts full of half off wine that they were clearing out the shelves. Grabbed a few bottles of random stuff.
    In the cart were bottles of this prosecco. Amusingly it had a crown cap with the DOC band over it. $10.56 marked down to $5.28 (plus they gave me another 10% off because I had an aggregate six bottles across all my purchases).
    It says "semi-sparkling -- vin frizzante" on the label, but it seems pretty lively in the glass.
    Medium gold in color. Pear aroma with some hints of yeastiness. Very interesting.
    In the mouth, you get a little tart apple and slightly low acidity. Doesn't quite live up to the aroma. Medium, sour but not unpleasant.
    For the AWS guys: 3/5/4/1.5/1
    Margy gives it a 15/20.

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